In its current composition the Working Group (WG) on EU-Africa relations was established in 2012. Its representatives come from the following ENoP member-organisations: CEVRO/Liberálně-konzervativní akademie (The Czech Republic), Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (Germany), Fondazzjoni IDEAT (Malta), Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung (Germany), KIC/Christian Democratic International Center (Sweden), Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Germany), Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy (Greece), Olof Palme International Centre (Sweden), PolAk/Politische Akademie der ÖVP (Austria), Fundação Res Publica (Portugal) and Green Forum Sweden.

The primary objective of the WG is to accompany the implementation of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy and the ongoing process of its revision. In line with the core areas of engagement of political foundations, the WG places a special emphasis on the partnership for Democracy, Governance and Human Rights. Besides of the partnership for Democracy, Peace and Security, Migration, Mobility and Employment, Trade and Regional Integration are also of interest to the Working Group.

WG members take part in EC consultations on the revision of the JAES. Part of their tasks is also to represent ENoP in the joint JAES CS forum, and participate in the parallel CSO events, associated with the official AU-EU Human Rights dialogue. The WG enriches the debate by formulating and publishing Policy Papers on the JAES priority areas. These activities are complemented by public events and expert roundtables which the WG organizes and takes part in. As representatives of political foundations who work with NGOs as well as with political decision-makers in Europe and Africa, the WG brings into the discussion  a perspective  that goes beyond the one of a mere activist and is always based on experiences in the field and derived from our members’ cooperation with local partners. The expertise of ENoP members on African affairs, as well as their profound partner network in the field, have proved to be of added value for decision-makers in Brussels. In addition, the WG aims at reaching out to European citizens and societies in our partner countries in order to familiarise them with EU-Africa relations and challenges on global, regional and national level. The aim of our work is to highlight the need for adaptation in the JAES partnership designs when it comes to thematic core areas and the implementation of the partnership. Of particular concern for us is the role ascribed to civil society and the space that is provided for engagement of CSOs in the various partnerships.

In March 2014 the WG published the policy paper "Moving Towards a Strengthened Partnership".

In November 2014 the WG published the Policy Paper "A new Approach to Migration in the Light of EU-Africa Relations".