About Us

The “European Network of Political Foundations – independent actors in democracy promotion, development cooperation and political dialogue” established in 2006 is a cooperation structure, serving as a communication and dialogue instrument between European political foundations and the Institutions of the European Union as well as civil society actors in the fields of democracy promotion and development cooperation. Further to that it provides services to its members to promote their integration into the respective programmes of the European Union.

The network presently counts more than 60 member foundations from more than 20 countries (within the EU and candidate countries) and is open to new members provided they meet the membership criteria as laid down in its working regulations. The members are close to party families represented in the European Parliament, belonging to the democratic spectrum but independent in their decision making and financing of international projects. For more information on the members and their party families visit this page please.

The working structure of ENoP consists of three bodies: general assembly, steering committee and coordination board. The General Assembly meets once a year. The full members and substitutes of the ENoP steering committee gather approximately six times per year. The minutes are distributed among the members in order to inform about the decision processes. The Network Coordinator and Deputy Network coordinator are elected for two years by the General Assembly.

The activities of political foundations in the fields of democracy promotion and development include public campaigning and awareness building, advocacy, and lobbying political institutions and decision makers in their respective home countries. The main focus, however, is on the implementation of democracy promotion and development projects with local partners in more than 100 developing and transition countries throughout the world.